My names is Vanessa and I am the creator, designer and owner of Winter Hill Jewelry.

Hello from Somerville, MA.

Hello from Somerville, MA.

How it All Began…

A few years ago we had a 3D printer in our living room that I had no idea how to use.  It was often churning out personalized toys for our kids and over time I got a little jealous.  I wanted to figure out something to 3D print that wasn't a play hammer with my name on it.    Earrings hit me as an idea when I noticed a friend's laser woodcut earrings.  

With no 3D-modeling skills, I started out first sketching ideas and designs. I figured out how to convert drawings to 3D models and overtime taught myself how to manipulate them in a 3D modeling program.   I still primarily use this technique of converting hand-drawn designs to 3D models to make earrings. My designs that are geometric looking are created entirely on the computer.  I usually need to print several prototypes to get the design tweaked just right.  Starting a business just kind of happened when I received great feedback on my first design.  With some encouragement I tried selling them for the first time at Artisan's Asylum Winter Open Studios in December 2015.  To my pleasant surprise, people actually bought them!

Winter Hill is a neighborhood in Somerville, a city that borders Cambridge and is right outside of Boston.  Winter Hill is infamous for the mobster Whitey Bulger and the Winter Hill Gang.  If you are wondering, my inspiration for the name had nothing to do with him.  I started my business out of my home and named it after the neighborhood. 

A little about me…

I am a Wisconsin native and graduated from the University of Minnesota. I have a MS in Human Services from UMass Boston and studied graphic design at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts.  When I am not making jewelry I'm drinking coffee, gardening, thrift shopping and hanging with my family.

Still reading?  Well then I want to say thanks so much for checking out my site.  I hope you have a lovely day.